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Life Changing Moments

Madeleine Philippe received a call from her doctor in December 2006 to be told that she had breast cancer. That's when your world falls apart and the moment when Annabelle, our grand daughter literally hurled herself backwards and hit the wall with disbelief. I was numbed to find that breast cancer was with us and not something that others had. Madeleine herself was shocked and I could see tears running down her cheeks.

We were lucky that it was only small and could be surgically removed, and followed up with radiotherapy treatment. For Madeleine, it was also a reminder that her grandma, mum, sister, auntie and cousin also had cancer. About the same time, Madeleine's cousin Cyrille was undergoing treatment for a brain tumour.

Madeleine successfully underwent surgery, followed by radiotheraphy for 5 weeks. The breast cancer was under control and she was in remission. For her, early detection, surgical intervention and treatment avoided the repeat of the family history. 

In November 2008, we again had a call from the doctor to be told that she had ovarian cancer after a routine ultrasound & CT Scan and biopsy. Though we were a bit seasoned by then, our world fell apart again. Annabelle, upon receiving the news broke down. Madeleine was numbed with the news and I did not know what to think, except for the thought that Madeleine was under threat again and we had to beat this one too. She underwent surgery again. The ovarian cancer and 2 patches of cancer on her abdominal wall were removed. Six months of chemotherapy followed this and she was on remission. Early detection, surgical intervention and treatment again avoided the repeat of the family history. 

In January 2010, our lives fell apart again. Madeleine was diagnosed with  early stage secondary breast cancer after a routine blood test and CT Scan. Our roller coaster cancer cycle was on gain. She is now undergoing chemotherapy again and the prognosis is good. She is travelling well and the outlook is very positive. She is displaying enormous courage, faith and determination to win this third battle with the Big C again. As Dr Ian Haines responded to her: "We will win this third battle too." Early detection again saved the day.

Oct 2010 update
Madeleine is still courageously battling this dreadful disease and hopefully with the help of the wonderful nurses at the Cabrini Day Oncology Unit and Assoc. Prof. Ian Haines, she will win this battle too.

Feb 2011 update
Sadly, Madeleine lost the battle at 3.23 am on 11 February 2011 at Cabrini Hospital. Her husband Clancy and granddaughter were present when she left us. She is terribly missed by her husband Clancy, the whole family and her many friends. Messages of condolences poured were received from her many fans and friends worldwide.
You can read the eulogies read at the funeral mass held on 17 Feb 2011 at the Resurrection Catholic Church in Keysborough, Melbourne, Australia. (Click on link) 

A special note of appreciation to the surgeons, Mr Leigh Reeves, Associate Professor Thomas Jobling, the oncologists Dr Ian Haines and Dr Marie Sexton. They have all been fantastic and our appreciation also goes to the medical staff at Berwick St John of God Private Hospital, Epworth Freemasons Private Hospital, Frankston Private and Cabrini Oncology Unit in Malvern. The nurses at Cabrini (Oncology) Malvern) are the modern day "Florence Nightingales". Their devotion and care for their patients are boundless.

I undertook considerable research and learned a great deal through this experience about the causes of cancer and what we can do to minimise our risks, through regular checkups and our life styles. The experience and expertise of the surgeons, oncologists, nurses and others involved in Madeleine's case are just enormous and so invaluable.

This web site has been set up to raise awareness about breast and ovarian cancer and what we can do to avoid it. The findings about the links between the foods that we eat and cancer were most informative. In particular, I cannot strongly enough recommend that you access our links page for information on symptoms to watch for and early detection. The book "AntiCancer: A New Way of Life" by David Servan-Schreiber is compulsory reading. It could save your life.

Your ongoing support would be most appreciated. You can donate directly via the donation link on this web site. All proceeds will be spent in promoting breast and ovarian cancer awareness and promoting their early detection. The Madeleine Philippe Cancer Foundation (Aus) Inc is registered as a non profit charitable organisation in the State of Victoria, Australia. All donations are tax deductible.

Clancy Philippe
March 2010

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