Madeleine Philippe Cancer Foundation (Aus) Inc   

"So that we may help others and save lives".                                                                            

Raising breast and ovarian cancer awareness through sharing knowledge and experience.

Madeleine at Niagara Falls CA

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Madeleine in Trafalgar Square, London

Madeleine in Paris with Clarel Betsy

Madeleine in Zimbabwe with Cousin Guyto & Friend

Madeleine's sister Michele (died of Ovarian Cancer aged 42)

Madeleine with Granddaughter Tyneisha in Canada

Madeleine with Shrek in LA

Madeleine with Dom Perignon in Epernay in Champagne, France

Madeleine with Paule Collard at Pere Laval Mass in Melbourne

Madeleine at Lourdes, France

Madeleine in Montreal with Mauritian Friend, Canada

Madeleine with supporters: Son Gerard & Grandsons Joshua and Brandon

Madeleine in the Vatican, Rome

Madeleine in Orange, France

Madeleine in transit at Zurich Airport

Madeleine with London Cousins

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